From RI, NJ, and NYC!

It seems like I left home a longgggg time ago, but it was only last Tuesday. Since then I have been with 3 guilds in two states: Rhode Island and New Jersey. I visit a 4th guild tonight and tomorrow, also in NJ. But yesterday I got to go to NYC and visit Jeff. To be completely honest, that has been the high point of my trip :-).

I rode the bus from NJ to Times Square where I walked around a little. Does any other place look like this?


And even if it did, I’ll bet there wouldn’t be little Statues of Liberty all over the place…


It was a beautiful day and people were out, everywhere. I was not the only one snapping photos, but I might have been the only one taking photos of manholes. I love this op art design combined with my very polka-dotty legs and feet. This would be a great machine quilting pattern!


And, if I lived here, I would definitely be a NYC Sew-er! Image

I did look up and there was so much to look at! This exposed set of building walls caught my eye…


The dark grid of iron again the white cement blocks stood out from a distance. When seen with the horizontal orange strips of construction plastic and the narrow horizontal bars of something brown in the upper left and the rectangular windows, this makes an interesting composition. Adapted, it could make a nice pieced quilt.

You might have seen the tile floor that I instagrammed… it, too, would be fun to piece:


And as long as I’m posting tile pictures, here’s one from the restaurant Jeff and I visited for lunch. I should remember the name, but don’t. It serves Mediterranean food and is near the Natural History Museum. The fish mosaic is made from white tiles (broken or cut, or both) stuck directly to the exposed brick. No mortar was set around these tiles. It was a nice look and wouldn’t be that hard to do at home. There were other designs, trees especially, on other walls in the restaurant.


I really hated to leave, knowing that it could well be next Christmas before I see Jeff again. That said, I did get to see him yesterday and that was wonderful!

7 thoughts on “From RI, NJ, and NYC!

  1. I had the big pleasure to go to NYC on last january. OMG. It’s so awsome!! Also as you, I saw all details, including manholes!!! It was snowing. My daughter and I went to museums, Central Park, Little Italy, Broklyn… I’m love with New York! We stayed at a hotel in Manhattan, near of all cool places. I hope go to NY again!!


  2. You are such a witty sew-‘re. Love your pics. Loved meeting you, Janice Degraw, a Brownstone Quilter(Wish I had taken your workshop!!!!)


  3. Quick question. Did those socks come that way, or are they one sock each from two pairs? I LOVE them (as much as a person can actually ‘love’ socks!) :o)


  4. Again, your eye is simply phenomenal! Lucky you to still have children in NYC.  My son left the Upper West Side after 12 years 8 months ago, and I am mourning that I shall never spend time there again – and esp. with him. I, too, LOVE the tile.  His place was built in 1900 – so you know the tile work was amazing.  In the bathroom was an Amish quilt — one “block” was set amiss — one really had to scrutinize to find it!  Have you seen the tiel work in the subway?? AMAZING!

      Ellyn Wood    Retired and LOVING it!    “I think that if ever a mortal heard the voice of God it would be in a garden at the cool of the day.”


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