While walking, I came upon this scene…


The way those striped things* are placed, each one farther away than the one before, so that your eye is drawn along them—into the distance. I liked the placement, and their orange stripey-ness, and the orange cones in the street. I took more than one picture.

In the next photo, because of where I am standing, those things* are lined up more precisely. You can put yourself where I am, looking down them.


This vantage point keeps the viewer on the left side of the image. It’s subtle, and it’s interesting. Scroll up to the first photo and you’ll see what I mean.

Why is this so? It’s because the line of those striped things* curves just a bit to the right in the first photo, which leads your eye toward the center of the frame. In the second photo, they are in a straighter line and the endpoint stays on the left side of the frame.

Most quilts, mine as well as those make by others, are designed in such a way as to keep the viewer centered. This makes me want to design a quilt (or quilts) that puts the viewer in a different place.

*What are those things called?!


10 thoughts on “Perspective…

    • Nope, not pylons. And not sawhorses either. That was a the name that I could not bring up when I wrote the post because they are sort of like sawhorses… but they aren’t. And they aren’t sandwich boards either.


  1. I’m not sure I know the technical name, but my now departed brother used to call them “carnival stuff” when we were little. I’m no sure if that was because they always put them up when the annual volunteer fireman’s carnival was in town or what, but it makes me smile and I always mentally think “carnival stuff” when I see them!! Thanks for that perspective!!! ;). Barricades, maybe?


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