The wonderful wheel of color…

Three of my friends at C&T (Lynn Koolish, Kerry Graham, and Mary Wruck have written a book about color, and the ‘Wonderful Wheel Of Color’ for kids and I’ve gotta say that I am impressed! (FYI, you’ll find this book on my site here.)


First, the color information is written for kids but it is not dumbed down. The language is clear and written in a way that kids will relate to. Elanor is already looking forward to getting her hands on this book :-).


There are plenty of activities. Some are what you would expect in a book about a color wheel with color wheel patterns to paint, collages to make, and designs to color. But there is even more! There are projects perfect for kids, and maybe adults!

Elanor’s BFF, Lola, is coming to visit for 2 weeks this summer. They’ll be spending quite a bit of time at our house and I can see t-shirts…


…and paper flowers…


…and hand-sewn stuffies in our future!


This book is only $12.95! You can find it at here.

4 thoughts on “The wonderful wheel of color…

  1. A friend once said that to really understand something the best thing to do is to get a ‘children’s’ edition on the subject – for reasons that are pretty obvious, as in taking the subject to the level that a child could understand. From there she might even get a ‘grown up’ version on the same subject. All that to say I think I will be getting this not only for my grandkids, but also for myself!


    • Elanor will be going into 6th grade and she’s 11. Younger kids who have at least a little bit of an attention span might love it. Older kids should love it right up to the point where they are just too cool for anything. What age is that?


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