Fresh Air…

I had the boys, Jack and Bear, today, all day. My strategy is the same as the one I used on my own boys when they were little: take them outside and run ’em.

Fresh air, lots of movement, and by 2:00 or 3:00 I can do what I need to do and they will be too tired to complain. The strategy still works!

I think we walked 3 1/2 miles. That’s pretty impressive for Bear, at 4 1/2. He only sat down at the end, and he did get back up because my days of lugging a kid that size are over. The first park had a play structure, the second park had a lake that we walked around.

The only downside is that I’m kind of tired too… but they are more tired! Judy, their other grandmother, has them overnight. I guess I’ll find out if I did my job tomorrow. My hope is that they go to bed and sleep soundly all night long.

Tomorrow, Steve and I are taking them out hiking again. Outside. I like it way better than screens.

Notebook cover…

A lady in my class had this cute notebook cover, with a pocket on the cover…


It was simple to make—so simple you don’t really need a pattern. She made it so that the ends of the cover slipped into pockets. This would be really cute to give kids who are their way back to school. I suppose Elanor might want one!


Best baby announcement, ever…

First, let me clearly state that no one that I know of in my family is pregnant or otherwise expecting a new arrival. But our friends, Karen and Hunt, are indeed expecting a brand new grandbaby. They made a youtube video with the other set of expectant grandparents that is just too good not to share. Enjoy!

He was inspired!

I told Jack about Andrew and his sock monkeys, I showed him the pictures, and then I gave him the kit I bought. Well, Jack was ready to make a sock monkey, right then! I did the machine sewing, taught him how to turn the arms and tail inside out, and how to stuff.

I threaded a needle and showed him the basics and he took off. It put a smile on my face :-).


He still has an ear, the arms and tail to sew on tonight—Lorna will be there to thread the needle and do the knots. I suspect that it won’t be long before Jack can do that by himself as well.


He is already imagining which of his socks would make good monkeys. He has always enjoyed fun socks and has some excellent ones to choose from.

Update: Jack came by last night with his finished monkey!


She’s Peaseblossom!

The Downtown Sherman Preservation and Revitalization organization has done something new… they are producing A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a (relatively new) outdoor amphitheater in a local park. Our very own Shakespeare in the Grove was great fun!.

Steve and I, and many others, attended the first show last night. We took our lawn chairs and breathed outside air and watched the play as the sun went down. Our granddaughter, Elanor/Peaseblossom, was the first person onstage which gave us both a big grin!


It rained a couple of hours before the show started and a small shower moved through during the first act. It left a rainbow in its wake…


As the rain came down the audience mostly moved under cover, on the stage floor. It was then that I got this quick photo of Peaseblossom and the lead Fairy, Sarah. After the rain, the show went on.


This production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is being put on by gifted and enthusiastic thespians. Many talented people from our area worked together to start a new tradition, one that I hope will grow and prosper. I’m looking forward to seeing another production of Shakespeare in the Grove next year!

There are 5 more performances as I write this… tonight and tomorrow, and next weekend: June 6, 7, and 8.


The wonderful wheel of color…

Three of my friends at C&T (Lynn Koolish, Kerry Graham, and Mary Wruck have written a book about color, and the ‘Wonderful Wheel Of Color’ for kids and I’ve gotta say that I am impressed! (FYI, you’ll find this book on my site here.)


First, the color information is written for kids but it is not dumbed down. The language is clear and written in a way that kids will relate to. Elanor is already looking forward to getting her hands on this book :-).


There are plenty of activities. Some are what you would expect in a book about a color wheel with color wheel patterns to paint, collages to make, and designs to color. But there is even more! There are projects perfect for kids, and maybe adults!

Elanor’s BFF, Lola, is coming to visit for 2 weeks this summer. They’ll be spending quite a bit of time at our house and I can see t-shirts…


…and paper flowers…


…and hand-sewn stuffies in our future!


This book is only $12.95! You can find it at here.