Cloth for the table…

My friend, Amy, has a cotton tablecloth that I love and, since she’s my friend, she took me to the store that sold things from Thailand where she bought her cloth. I bought one without even thinking about opening it up to see what size it was because I liked it so well that it didn’t really matter to me.  When I got it on my table and realized that it was square, I knew I could fix it because I can sew!


I cut the two long sides off and sewed one to each end…


I topstitched the seams and then hemmed the long sides. Sew easy!



The icing on the cake was that there were scraps large enough to make 4 napkins. Sweet.


Thai textiles have interesting colors and patterns and are not particularly expensive. The cloth is not perfect nor is it tightly woven, but there are many fun ways to use it—pillows, garments, backs of quilts, even fronts of quilts! It’s good to remember that there are many, many different places that we can find fabric. (FYI: wash and dry the fabric in the washer and dryer a couple of times before you sew with it. It will shrink.)

I’m heading to Georgetown, TX, today to lecture and teach a workshop. I probably won’t write a blog post while I’m gone but I do hope to post to instagram. If you don’t follow me there but would like to, you can :-).


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