So pretty!

I recently received an email from Shellie who wrote: “I thought you would like to see pictures of our 2014 Raffle Quilt titled ‘Pinwheel Paradise’. We used your applique designs with the pinwheels. I was inspired by another raffle quilt that was hanging in a show. It was by the Carquinez Strait Stitchers . We copied their over all lay-out but changed things a little.


This is one of the happiest quilts I have ever worked on. It was lots of fun to play with the pieces, applique them and finally finish the quilt.  We have received many many compliments and Ooh and Ahh’s. Thank you for such cute designs and inspiration.”

I think it’s a lovely quilt, and I’ll be you do too! If you’d like to contact Shellie about purchasing raffle tickets, click here to email her :-).


3 thoughts on “So pretty!

  1. That bird is definitely yours and Linda’s!! SO Cute! I really like the background quilting, too. It’s very well done and the diagonal lines of the quilting make it stand out even more. I wish I were where I could buy tickets for the raffle. I purchase a bunch!!!


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