10% off of fabric through Sunday…

I sent a newsletter, but if you are not on my newsletter list, you may have missed the news.. I have some new fat quarter bundles! They, and the rest of my fabric on the bolt, are all 10% off from now through Sunday. I don’t know when on Sunday. (For more on that, go to the end of the post.) The coupon code is ‘fabricfun’. Enter it in the coupon box and the discount will be applied. (If you forget to do that, we’ll take care of it when we process your order.)


Sunny Day Bundle


A Day at the Beach Bundle


Naturally Neutral Bundle

I think that each of these bundles is a great starting point for a quilt. I would take them to my stash and start adding to them!

You would have no reason to know this, but setting up a coupon in my Yahoo Store is a almost convoluted. I had a choice of when the coupon code would expire and I chose ‘through Sunday.’ It didn’t give me a choice of time zone… in fact, now that I think of it I hope it is this coming Sunday. I suppose on Monday I’ll know if that is the case or not :-). Honestly, ‘d rather be sewing than sorting out these pesky details!


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