Admiring the skills…

My fingers are nimble, for which I am grateful, but beyond that, I am a clumsy person. My family and friends know that it’s true. So I was impressed by the skill and grace that these young men have…

I don’t live in a skateboard-infested place so I’ve never understood the antipathy that some people have toward skateboarders. My (genetically-related) sons did not master skateboards, so I’ve never had a reason to have a strong opinion about the banning skateboarders. After watching this, I’m thinking that maybe we should cut them some slack, or at least give them a place to do what they do.


5 thoughts on “Admiring the skills…

  1. I agree – I live in southern California and my son was entrenched in the skateboard culture. It is important to consider the safety of people and destruction of public property, but at times my son was literally harassed by police and treated like a criminal as a ten year old. Now there are plenty of skateboard parks around.


  2. I was taken by not only the beauty and skill of the skateboarders but did you see the bottom of the boards as they flipped. I love the quilt like designs, maybe a mini table top quilt is in my future. thanks for sharing


  3. I can’t imagine having that kind of coordination… I’m glad they do, so we can enjoy watching them. I think most communities have skate board (& biking) parks now. It’s amazing what some of these kids can do.


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