New fabric, big prints…

If you haven’t looked at the fabric page at lately, you have missed seeing the big prints that I’ve recently added, along with some interesting smaller-scale prints…


There are BIG numbers in 4 different colorways, flowers, dots, and more…


While I put these together into fat quarter bundles, you can buy them separately. If that’s the case, go to the fabric page and click on the swatch that interests you.


This is probably the oddest of the fabrics I’ve added. It’s called Junebug, by Alexander Henry. I suspect I will use it on a quilt back, but it could also show up on t a quilt front. In fact, it would be fun to use in the free Really Simply 9-Patch pattern (click here, scroll down, click the link).


I put Junebug with a black print and with the saffron Numbers… I have no idea why I like these together, but I do.



I only got one bolt of each of these new fabrics and won’t re-order. If any of them make you happy, order while I have plenty. I’ll send a newsletter in a week or so and there’s no telling how much of any print will be left :-).

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