One more top done, 5 to go…

Here’s my most recent quilt top for the piecing book, before I cut it free from the machine…


The quilt is 90″ x 90″ and covered my design wall from floor to ceiling. I was happy to be moving on, until I realized that the bed this will someday cover has such a deep mattress and pad that 90″-square is just not big enough. Sigh.

I made a border round of blocks, following the same design but with just one light and one darker, blue fabric. The quilt is now 118″ x 118″!!! It no longer fits on my design wall. I haven’t made a quilt this big in many, many years. If ever.

I plan to quilt it myself. I’m thankful that I have the Sweet Sixteen and my clamp system.


11 thoughts on “One more top done, 5 to go…

  1. I think that clamp system is going to be a life saver (or shoulder and arm saver anyhow) From what I can see that’s going to be one very pretty quilt. And, yes, with the new really deep mattresses the quilts have to be bigger. Can hardly wait for my fix of a new book!!


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