Little sparks…

I just read The Little Spark—a book designed to help you be creative. I rarely buy this sort of book and never seem to make it all the way to the end of the book when I do, but this time I did.


This may be the best book cover ever. Happily, the book itself lives up to the cover.

Carrie Bloomston has come up with 30 creativity ‘sparks’ and she writes very well about each one. I admit that not every spark fits me, but more do than don’t. I actually turned down pages and highlighted different ideas and have already used a few! Here’s just one:

If you are like me, you have all sorts of fun art supplies that are put neatly away. Carrie says not to hoard your supplies; instead pull them out and use them! She showed two jars, one with colored pencils and one with markers, that she keeps on her dining table with paper. That way they are out and ready for anyone to use whenever they want to.

Night before last, I pulled my very fine set of Prismacolor Pencils out of the cabinet, sharpened every one, and put them in two vases on my table.


Last night Chris, Lorna, the kids and mom came over for Thanksgiving eve dinner. (Lorna made shepherd’s pie, Mom made applesauce bread, I made some baked apples… it was all very tasty.) Anyway, before dinner, the kids found the pencils!


I doodled too, with Bear. Elanor drew a guy throwing up a rainbow (about to be hit with a pizza) and Jack decided to draw one too…


So, many thanks to Carrie who has already lit some sparks at the Goldsmith house! I suspect that there is going to be a lot of refrigerator art from now on.

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