It’s done!

Before I left town, I put the binding on the last quilt for the piecing book.

BindingWowie copy

I don’t know that I have ever, in my life, made a quilt this big. It’s 118″ x 118″. Angela Walters quilted it and she did an excellent job. I think I would have given up way before I was finished.

I put the thinnest Quilter’s Dream batt in this quilt—the request weight. It turned out to be an excellent choice. This quilt, as big as it is, would have been way too heavy with a thicker batt. As it is, I’m not sure that it’s washable in anything other than a commercial machine. This is a bed quilt with a lot of white and I have cats and grandkids—washing is going to happen.

The piecing book that Linda and I have been working on is a revision of our book, Piecing the Piece O’ Cake Way. That book is out of print, but the information in it is still completely relevant. We, and C&T, decided that it needed to come back in an updated form.

This is a ‘heavy’ re-write, with lots of new information and quilts. It has both fun and actual work. And as of Friday, the quilts and the manuscript are now in with C&T. It feels great to have finished exactly on the date of my own personal deadline.

I know that most quilters do not link Piece O’ Cake with ‘piecing’, but I’m hoping that that will change. We were both piecers first. I hate to toot my own horn, but I can piece just about anything. And to link this train of thought back to yesterday’s post, this is yet another reason that I enjoy teaching an independent study coarse: I get to work with piecing in class!

5 thoughts on “It’s done!

  1. Looking forward to your new book. And yes, you should toot your own horn, your piecing is so exceptional. I continue to get compliments on my quilt based on your “Oh My Gosh” quilt and am working on a medallion using the feathered star we made in your class in Georgetown. I always look forward to more ideas from you!


  2. I’m sure it feels wonderful to have those quilts off to the publisher. I can hardly wait to see the book. I love the way the quilt shown drapes so beautifully in a pile. I was going to ask what you used for batting and then I read on. Thanks! and congratulations on another milestone met.


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