Ready, set, go!

Quilt market is so interesting! It’s the place where retail and wholesale come together into the big happy family that we are all a part of. It’s all new to Lorna and she is loving it. 
Market is not open yet but I can share some pictures. Here is my booth, at least one side of it. 


Lorna and I got to watch Tula Punk in action today. Love her, love her fabric! You are going to love it too! I should have better photos but was slow. This dot, however, is amazing. 



Some market booths have amazing displays (not mine, but that’s ok). I love the walls of silk flowers at Michael Miller. 


And, gotta say, Minneapolis is just full of lovely buildings. If you keep your eyes open you can see so much!

And you may as well go inside to see more :-). This is subtle, but lovely. 


7 thoughts on “Ready, set, go!

  1. SO-O-O Exciting.  Wish I could be there.  Keep the pictures coming.Your booth is beautiful.  I love the effect of the railing coverings, it really frames your space and of course your quilts are beautiful.  Smiles always, Kathy in Tucson.  I am working on my quilt from your pattern that has the branches and leaves since I had a beautiful black-white print in my stash already (I met you at the Quilt Show this spring in Tucson.


  2. I wish I could join you. I have a lot of cousins in various parts of MN – my mom’s family is all there. Enjoy and bring back great stuff. Oh, and I love your bouquet and your idea of tiny and huge!!


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