Watch me on The Quilt Show!

I was a guest on The Quilt Show, hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, a while back and I’m happy to announce that my episode will be aired beginning August 17th—that’s tomorrow!

Many of you already know that The Quilt Show is an online show that you can watch any time. All of the older episodes are just a click away—and there are some very fine shows in the archive. Ricky and Alex both are excellent interviewers, who bring out the best in their guests. You have to subscribe, but TQS is worth joining because each episode is packed with interesting information.

You can watch my episode for FREE from August 17-23, 2015 (Monday-Sunday). Click here or on the Watch Me box below. I do hope you enjoy it!

Click on the video below to watch the trailer for my show.


5 thoughts on “Watch me on The Quilt Show!

  1. I tried to watch the show but it didn’t appear. I read comments on their web site from others who had watched it. I did kog in and had access to some other free shows but not yours.


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