TQS (the quilt show)…

Today (Friday) I’m in Denver where I filmed a segment of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. I have had the pleasure of being on their show before and it was just as much fun today. They are both wonderful people, excellent quilters, and hosts who know how to put a guest at ease.

I filmed early so arrived at 8:00 AM, along with the audience. These fine quilters went one way to learn what to do while I went another way to do what I had to do. Eventually we all ended up in the studio.


Lilo was in charge of making sure my scarf was artfully arranged. The nice man on the right took care of getting me ‘miked’. (FYI: I’m wearing that Eileen Fisher shirt that I shopped for especially for this show.)


Shelly kept us on track, following a loose script. It’s not really a ‘script’, she just gave us reminders of what we ought to be talking about in each of the three segments. Justin works more with the audience members and he is a real stitch!


Various folks took these photos with my cell phone while I was doing what you see me doing. It is really nice to have them now, to post! We talked about the new color book, and more.


There are efficient camera-persons and more other people on the set. They were so good that they were practically invisible. The cameras are huge and closer to you than you would think. There are TV screens with live feed so that the audience can see what the cameras are looking at, when they weren’t focused us.


As always, this was great fun! I’ll let you know when the episode is up and running. Until then, you ought to consider subscribing to The Quilt Show if you haven’t already. You are likely to learn a new thing in each episode!

6 thoughts on “TQS (the quilt show)…

  1. Welcome to Colorado! I used to attend a taping when they were doing it in Boulder, a couple of miles from my house. South Denver is too far to drive! Your shirt & scarf look very nice!


    • We thought we looked good together too! Truthfully, that does not happen by accident. The guest shows up in whatever they have and Alex and Ricky then choose colors that go with.

      The more amazing thing is to look at the shirts that Ricky and Alex have on hand. All solids. Not a print in sight. It takes some time to find that many tops that look good without a dot or stripe or flower on them.



  2. I watched Alex a lot when she did “Simply Quilts.” The Quilt Show membership is the best value on TV. Really looking forward to your segment, Becky.


  3. I love TQS and gave been a member since day. And I even have a huge stack of Simply Quilts on tape. So interesting about the shirts! I look forward to your new segment!


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