Show and tell…

Gail Hansen, from Hervey Bay, Queensland, made this lovely quilt:


She wrote:

I am a big fan of your designs – my favourite book being ‘The New Applique Sampler’ which I bought a few years ago and refer to constantly.  When earlier this year I saw your pattern for ‘Backyard Birds’ in my quilt group library I had to check it out.  In the process of planning this quilt I decided I should do Australian birds rather than American birds.  As I live in Queensland the birds I chose are all native to eastern Australia tho many are seen throughout the country. It is needleturn my favourite form of applique, hand and machine quilted.  I am extremely pleased with end result and thus prompted to send you a photo.

I love Gail’s quilt and I love the fact that she made it her own by drawing and appliqueing Australian birds. Congratulations, Gail!

6 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Thank you for sharing Gail’s Australian birds quilt. I, too, like the way she made it her own by using her native birds. It is inspiring and food for thought.


  2. Love your quilt Gail, but everything Gail does (quilting) is awesome. I lived in Queesland for some years & Gail taught me how to quilt, she is an awesome teacher also. I now live in Missouri, USA. Great job Gail.


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