Wow, life can change so fast!

A week and half ago my mom said she thought it was time to move to assisted living. I had seen it coming (but not by much) and had been checking out the possibilities. Sherman has several wonderful spaces and I had narrowed it down to two. Mom went for visits and made her choice. They had openings, she chose her apartment. Bam! Time to move!

In the space of 1.5 weeks, start to finish, we got her moved. I spent most of this time on paperwork, meetings, planning, and finally moving. I am very thankful that Steve, Lorna, and Chris were here to help. It would not have happened so well if they had not been here to take part. My mom left her house yesterday morning is now living in her new studio apartment.

Let me just say that my mom is amazing. She was a little sad when we drove away from her house (and most of her stuff) but that was it. She has embraced her new life where she doesn’t have to cook, there are people to visit with, and there are activities that she can do, or not. Family is welcome there, especially the rambunctious great-grandsons. Everyone knows everyone by name. This is a happy space.

Mom’s house and the stuff still there are my problem and she’s OK with that too. (Someday, my stuff will be someone else’s problem too.) What I realized in the last couple of days is that the stuff of mom’s that matters to me is not the big stuff. I finally, finally, got to take possession of these two silly ceramic dogs. I grew up dusting these bad boys and have no idea why I love them, but they are mine now :-).

And then there’s this bird with the umbrella. I have tried to make off with this for years :-).

We go along with our daily life thinking that every day will be like the one before. Sometimes that is true, sometimes it isn’t. I suppose that what makes life interesting, don’t you think?


13 thoughts on “Wow, life can change so fast!

  1. Glad you got your sweet little memories… My Mom is in Assisted Living as well and has many more friends than I thought she would have. She’s happy as I’m sure your Mom will be.


  2. What a blessing to have a Mom who recognizes it’s time to make a change. How difficult it must be to be older and have to see your “life” getting smaller and smaller. When we felt it was time for my Mom to go to assisted living, we visited together and she made the choice (reluctantly). The morning we went to pick her and her “things” up to go, she literally waved a flag at us at the door and said “This is America! I don’t have to go anywhere!” Then she started singing “God Bless America, at the top of her lungs. Needless to say, we didn’t go that day. She stayed in her apartment for two more years til it was truly time for the skilled nursing facility. Bless her heart she was feisty til we lost her at 94 years of age…… :)) Donna from Indiana……..


  3. So glad to hear your Mom made that choice herself. You are lucky! In the last month I’ve done an intervention, moved my mom from one state to another to go into assisted living, sold her house and helped facilitate getting all her things to her (or sold). My head is spinning with how quickly things moved, but she wasn’t able to be on her own any more due to memory issues. Glad your mom is adjusting and likes her new apartment!


  4. Big hug to you Becky. I know these changes are not easy, but as this was your mother’s decisions, bless her for making it. Just happened so fast that I’m amazed you and your mom pulled it off. Talk about pulling the band aid off quickly, or moving on to a new phase in life. But my heart tells me your mother is going to be super happy and meet many wonderful new friends. Still, my heart and prayers go out to both of you.



  5. Be very grateful that your Mum was the instigator for her move …my parents were as well but my mother in law …no way and she still has to go up and down dangerous stairs …she is not going to move full stop. I just wish she would help plan for her future… It is some much better if they do.


  6. Your mother gave you a wonderful gift when she made the choice. My mom left her house via an ambulance. Gratefully, she recovered but not enough to go back to her home. Assisted living was an adjustment even though she was in a very nice facility close by such as you have in your area. Some places I visited, were not so nice. My mother was able to have her nick nacks in her ‘lil apartment.


  7. Hi Becky, You are so blessed that you have a mom that would be so kind to think of making her life easier, as well as yours. I giggled at the photos of the dogs and the bird. It totally reminded me of the tiny little brass elephant that I dusted off for many years. And I have a Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar that I will always remember sitting on the kitchen table. Good memories of my mom for sure. I wish you many happy memories with your mom in her new journey of life.


  8. I am sure this is a difficult change, but it sounds like you are all handling it very well. I wish your mom all the best in her new home, and you the strength to support her and your family through this change. Hugs!


  9. Wanted to show you one of the quilts I have made from one of your books.  The top border is from a different book of yours.  I call this My Purple Explosion.  Love your books.  Calleen Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S® 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


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