I’ve been reviewed!

Jo Ann Woods at littlewheelerquilts.com has written a very nice review of my book, The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color. And she has been working on Pick-Up Sticks from that book, and has posted about it. Click here to see her progress. (I love the finished top!)

Thank you Jo Ann, for taking the time to share your experience with the book with me and with your readers. I am flattered that you chose my book!

In other news, I am at the airport waiting to fly to Williamsburg where I will be teaching at the Academy of Applique. I can’t wait! I’m planning to post from there, maybe using my phone. That will mean more photos and fewer words, which is maybe not all bad :-).

And one last thing before I sign off: I’ve been playing with the Dreamscope app on my iPhone. This is an app that applies a variety of trippy filters to a photo. Let me just say that it can turn a pretty lousy photo into something interesting. For example, this photo of Steve driving was really no good on its own.

Steve Driving, filtered with Dreamscope app

Steve Driving, filtered with Dreamscope app

I can easily see applications for quilt design using this app.

It can take the app quite a while to process a photo. In fact, I thought it was frozen and tried to quit the app. It just keeps doing its thing until it’s done so you have to wait it out. Don’t use this app if your phone is low on charge and you can’t plug it in. Other than that, have fun!

4 thoughts on “I’ve been reviewed!

  1. The Pick Up Sticks that Jo Ann is making looks great! Very modern… and I LOVE this app! It makes it possible to quilt anyone or anything for those of us who just don’t have the talent to figure it out on our own. However, I’d pick a plain shirt… LOL… a LOT of cutting/fusing on the one in the picture…


  2. Hi Becky, I just want to give you a HUGE thank you for allowing me to use you as my first Book Review Author, my first Book Review project blogs, allowing me to post the quilt on my etsy site, and most of all, just helping me get my name out there in our quilt world. Last Tuesday I had 237 views on my blog and I know that wouldn’t have happened without your help.

    I wish you well on your book. I had loads of fun making your quilt. It’s a beautiful pattern and I hope I helped you out, too! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for YOU! Take care, sweetie!

    Jo Ann Woods jwquilter1@verizon.net


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