Spring sprung while I was gone!

I don’t know how others manage it, but when I’m on a teaching trip I just don’t seem to be able to post as much as I’d like. Or at all. I did post some photos on Instagram and facebook so if you follow me there, you saw my students hard at work as well as some of their blocks. Let me just say that the Academy of Applique in Williamsburg was a blast! It was a rare treat to be among so many appliquers!

I came home to redbuds in bloom. They look like they smell pretty, but they don’t smell at all as near as I can tell.

I also came home to the news that someone filed a fraudulent tax return using our numbers. Deep sigh. I had gotten a letter from the IRS before I left that made me think that this was happening. I found out today that yes, indeed, our numbers were compromised.

After some searching I found the phone number to call and the nice lady pointed me in the right direction. Steve is on spring break so he ended up taking over, calling the FTC, checking our credit reports, notifying the Social Security Administration and I’m not sure who else. So far everything else is in order (yay!) but it means filing a paper return, with extra forms, and a longer wait for it to be processed. I am thankful that I don’t have plans for our over-payment from last year.

I think that this has become a common enough experience that dealing with it is getting easier. That said, we are lucky to have found out early, before the hackers got any money from the IRS, which is different from the ‘iris’, which was also blooming in my yard today :-).

And lastly, I am going to be giving a trunk show lecture at 11:00 AM Friday morning at the Dallas Quilt Show. I don’t know that I have ever pulled so many quilts out of my closet at one time. There are so many that I won’t be saying much about any individual quilt or we’ll be there all day but I do think it will be a good showing of Piece O’ Cake quilts. If you are interested, I hope you can come!

5 thoughts on “Spring sprung while I was gone!

  1. Oh what a horrible experience. I always find fraudulent invoice emails, since I know all my connections, I never open them in any way, I just send them in the air. We also get telephone calls with numbers on the display that are easily recognized as a fraude. We have a list of number and we don’t pick up the phone. It is a pain in the neck. But this is nothing compared to your problem. I hope that this was it. Yours Birgitt


  2. What an awful experience! Hopefully it is all straightened out now, and you will not have any more problems… Those flowers do look like they would be very fragrant, that’s really odd…


  3. Just happy that the IRS notified you. Hackers are everywhere. It is bad. But it sounds like Steve is on top of things. Hopefully the IRS will find ways to stop this.


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