Visiting the Hill Country…

Last Friday, Steve drove me to the Texas Hill Country to visit the Veriens Quilt Guild in Fredericksburg, the Hill Country Quilt Guild in Kerrville, and the Highland Lakes Quilt Guild in Marble Falls. The Hill Country is about 6 hours south of Sherman, sort of in the middle of Texas. (Texas is a big state.)

Here are the members of the Veriens QG waving hello to you at my lecture on Saturday.


The lecture was followed by the first half of a 6 hour class, which then carried over to Sunday. Steve and I had half the day Sunday to toodle around Fredericksburg where I found this wonderful tile floor in the kitchen store that is in the building that used to be the local hospital. It would make a nice applique quilt!


As we drove around town, I noticed something I don’t remember seeing before: road signs with interesting designs printed on the back. Here’s the front of one sign:

sign front

And here’s the back:

sign back

There are many of these signs around Fredericksburg and they sport different designs on their backsides. It’s a lovely attention to detail!

After 2 days with the Veriens QG, I lectured at the Hill Country Quilt Guild in Kerrville. I forgot to take a waving-hello picture, but I know those ladies would have happily waved to you.

After the lecture and lunch, Mary to me to an amazing quilt shop — Creations. I was too busy shopping to take pictures. If you had been with me, you would not have stopped for pictures either. I left with a big ziplock bag full of fat quarters and some interesting thread. You can only see part of what’s in my bag. What’s below is equally as interesting.


Creations puts purchases in ziplock bags. I’ve never seen this before but I’d love to encounter it again. It’s so very functional!

Steve has been busy carrying my bags and getting me where I need to be on time, fulfilling his job as sherpa. He’s also been hiking and visiting various sites. The Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg was something he didn’t know he’d enjoy, but he really has. He’s going back tomorrow while I teach. After class we head to Marble Falls for 2 more days.

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, full of friendly people and interesting things to do and see. If you get the chance to visit, you should!

3 thoughts on “Visiting the Hill Country…

  1. Hi Becky,

    Love your blog! Saw the post today with the neat designs from Fredricksburg. Are you familiar with The Mirth Studio? I think their painted wood tiles are also similar to quilt blocks, and would make great applique quilt designs. I have never used them, but they seem like a neat idea.



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