Sold (not for sale anymore)… My HQ Sweet Sixteen

UPDATE: I sold my Sweet Sixteen to Carolyn in south Texas. We are both happy and excited!

I am upgrading so my 2010 Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen needs a new home, along with the 30″ x 46″ table it sits in. Steve custom built this table and it is both prettier and sturdier than the table that came with the machine (which I no longer have).

Just so you know, I live in Sherman, TX (north of Dallas) and you’ll need to come get it. Or, if your are close, Steve and/or I might be able to bring it to you in the pickup.


Included are:

  • the original bobbin winder
  • 32 bobbins
  • 10 packs each of Groz-Beckert titanium needles from Superior in sizes 16 and 18
  • the manual that came with the machine

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I took this photo showing the number of stitches yesterday. I have to quilt a couple of very small quilts so the stitch count will be a little higher.


This is what the touch display looks like.HQSweetSixteen-03

I am asking $1500. If that doesn’t seem fair, please do let me know. If you are interested, please do email me at Include your phone number and I can call you back. FYI: I can bill you via Paypal so you can pay with a credit card if you wish.

Here are some more pictures:

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7 thoughts on “Sold (not for sale anymore)… My HQ Sweet Sixteen

  1. That is an awesome deal and a beautiful table. I don’t live any where near you, but someone else is going to get a beautiful machine. I am just curious as to what you are upgrading to?


  2. Dang it, I live in Canada or I’d be all over this. Did you love this model? I’m thinking about buying one, but first I have to convince Hubby to share his man cave!


  3. Hi Becky, would love to buy this machine, but I live in Arizona. I am still enjoying the Babylock machine I bought from you years ago. You take wonderful care of your machines, I am sure it will sell fast!


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