Show and Tell…

Karen de Glanville sent me a photo of her quilt and the story that goes with it. I think you will enjoy it just as she wrote it:

Some years ago when I visited the States (I live in the UK), I purchased your Anniversary Quilt pattern.  It sat in my drawer for quite a while as a pending project and then I forgot about it.

Back in February I looked on Pinterest for an oak leaf and acorn inspiration for a wall hanging to make as a wedding present for my niece and found just the thing.  When I attempted to track the pattern down, I realised it was one of yours and that I had purchased it all those years ago!

Below is a photograph of my finished result.  I have made the quilt in wool on a cotton background, with the happy couple’s names – Erin and Howard  – and the date – 20th August, 2016 – embroidered in linen in the centre with two entwined acorns above their names.


A friend, Sandy Chandler, machine quilted oak leaves and acorns on it.  Her work is amazing and she recently won Best in Show at the UK Festival of Quilts.

I’m so grateful for your wonderful design.  It was so appropriate for this couple.  Howard is a tree surgeon with a company called Quercus and their marriage was blessed under an old oak tree.  They met in the Middle East, so the pomegranates are perfect.  Finally, the French word for acorn is gland, and our family name is de Glanville, derived from that word.  How amazing is all that?!

Kind regards and many thanks for all the pleasure this has given us in both the making and receiving.  Erin was totally overwhelmed.

Isn’t this a great story — and a beautiful quilt! Thank you, Karen, for sharing both. Happy stitching!

6 thoughts on “Show and Tell…

  1. Quite the trifecta. Gorgeous quilt! Wonderful story!! Loving and talented aunt!!! Thanks for sharing and brightening an already sunny day 🙂


  2. Really beautiful quilt and story. Reminds me – time to get out my Welcome to the North Pole that I bought before I knew how to applique! I’ve learned. It’s time!


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