Kauai Road, update…

In between life’s busy-ness, I squeezed in some sewing time on my Kauai Road quilt. Steve says that it looks just like the place which makes me very happy.


I am sewing the power lines now. The fence posts (that will be in the lower left) are still to come, and maybe some dark windows on the little house.

I leave for Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow. I don’t have time to stay for Festival, but that’s OK because I hope to fire up my BERNINA Q20 when I get home!

11 thoughts on “Kauai Road, update…

  1. Steve’s right! It does look like the place!! Love it and it’s one of my favorite places so I know what it looks like!

    Have fun in Houston!

    Joan Christopherson


  2. Have a grand time at Market! Wish I could stow away in your luggage and enjoy all the quilty wonderfulness in Houston. Please take loads of pics so we unfortunate ones can live vicariously 🙂


  3. Beautiful and I get the tropical feeling even though I have not been there. I bet it is gorgeous though.
    Yup…can I sneak in your suitcase as well? Would LOVE to go to quilt market! How fun would that be?! I am sure IG will be showing us tons of pictures. Have a blast!


  4. I love that quilt and so does my husband. But: Where are the chicken? No, I just kidding. But they were running around there almost everywhere. Have a great day, Birgitt, German and Hawaii, especially Kauai lover!!!!!!!!


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