Christmas pillows…

I admit to being inspired by cute Christmas pillows! I often buy pillows but you know what? We can sew and pillows are EASY! I made these 2 blocks when I was teaching Pick-Up Sticks (from The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color) with the idea in mind that they would make a good pillow.


The four 8″ x 8″ blocks in each of the larger blocks are the same, they are just turned differently. I sewed the blocks together, being careful to leave an opening for stuffing. You could insert a zipper on one side and insert a pillow form if that suits you better.


I turned the pillow right sides out and pressed with steam, using my new Laura Star iron. (More on that in a future post.) It did not take long to stuff it with polyfil and sew the opening closed.


I love a fast project! I’m not sure which side I like the best.


The Santa pillow came from Hobby Lobby. It didn’t look nearly as good in the store as it does on my sofa :-).


3 thoughts on “Christmas pillows…

  1. Great idea, Becky. Need to look into this for next Christmas – know lots of relatives would like one. I try to sew for Christmas around June and July. No time at the end of the year. Merry Christmas.


  2. Last year I made 7 Christmas pillow covers (envelope Style ) . My daughter wanted to be able to slip her decorative sofa pillows in for the holidays and not have something bulky to store. Of course they had to be quilted and of “elegant not novelty ” fabrics. They came out so nicely that I kept one.


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