Weeding out your stash…

My color lecture always includes the suggestion that it’s important to weed out your fabric stash. This idea is often met with skepticism, but it’s something I learned from Linda long ago and I stand by it. I usually weed out my stash once a year and/or when there is lots of fabric stacked on the floor.

Fabric Weeding 1

There’s more fabric on the floor than you can see here.

The shelves inside this closet are about 5′ wide — you can’t see the far ends of the shelves unless you are in the doorway. There are shallow shelves inside, to the left of the door that face the main shelves that also held fabric.

I arrange my fabric by color and value. Over time, however, the values get mixed up and the colors don’t always end up in the right place. The fabric is squeezed between the shelves so tightly in places that it was hard to get to it.

With the unicorn quilts finished last Friday, I turned my attention to this project. Over the course of 2 days, I removed 44 lbs of fabric from my stash.

Fabric Weeding 3

Here’s my newly-clean stash:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t stop with the closet. I also cleaned out drawers with hand-dyed and hand painted fabric, vintage fabric, silks, and more. I found appliqué blocks that I don’t have any idea what to do with, and more. So much more that I’m going to have an online Studio Sale next Tuesday morning, January 10. I’ll send a newsletter* reminder. I’ll also put a Studio Sale link in the menu bar that Tuesday morning at pieceocake.com.

*If you aren’t on my newsletter list, go to pieceocake.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and sign up in the newsletter box.

Now that this job is done, I get to think about what’s next. I’m excited!

8 thoughts on “Weeding out your stash…

  1. I too came to the conclusion that just because I bought it at one time, because I thought I loved it, I have evolved and some of those purchases no longer fit my style. And, the bonus to that is I have two groups that I happily donate those “what was I thinking” fabrics to and they are always thrilled to receive my hand me downs, so it is a great incentive to let those fabrics go!


  2. Oh my ~ a colorful, neat & tidy stash indeed. It is refreshing to purge and reorganize especially in January. I note your fabrics are folded the same width for practical storage and ease in choosing from one’s stash. Thanks, Becky, for sharing.


  3. What a wonderful closet. I think I’d open up the door and just smile with delight. Great organization. And, a great reminder and encouragement to organize our stash. I also like to do this task annually and now would be a good time. I’ll keep an eye out for your sale as I’m in need of browns, blues, creams and light grey for a couple of different projects I have planned for this year and don’t have enough in my stash.



  4. Thanks as always for inspiration….my old fabrics have just been sorted and on bad weather days I’ll have a marathon cutting and charity sewing event….uses up old “friends” and will go to needy kids and vets…


  5. Even disorganized, your stash is more organized than mine! I have always loved your colors… Do you prewash your fabrics? I do and I’m thinking that’s why your fabric looks the way it does.


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