What story would you want to hear?

I am giving a lecture at the Minnesota Quilters Show in Duluth in June and they have requested that I share stories about Piece O’ Cake. Here’s my question: what sort of stories would you want to hear?

I could tell you what I’ve thought of, but I’m more interested in hearing what you think. I appreciate in advance any suggestion you have. Thanks!


You’ve seen 007 before but he’s so much fun that I thought you might like seeing him again :-).

25 thoughts on “What story would you want to hear?

  1. I’d like to hear how you got the power lines in the quilt of the travel/road scene in Europe. Plus I’d like to hear how you seem to have two different quilting patterns – one for the front and one for the back.


  2. I think ” every quilt tells a story”. A quilt’s story is one that includes information about how the fabrics were obtained (road trips, friends, swaps, etc.) and things that happened during the construction of the quilt (hurricanes, illnesses, deadlines for Christmas or wedding gifts, etc..) The stories could be funny, motivational, encouraging, etc. I have a POC quilt pattern that I completed freezer paper appliques for while I was cooped up recovering from a broken leg. Quilt construction time is very therapeutic for getting your mind off problems, concerns, or while working with others listening to someone who needs to talk. Rescuing or saving a quilt that you find in an antique store or yard sale or finishing the blocks that your grandmother left could be a story.


  3. Since we are all human, and humans make mistakes, perhaps a story or two about some of your memorable blunders. Puts everyone in the same boat!
    Have gobs of fun in MN.


  4. I’d like to know how you’ve stayed so current with your pattern and fabric choices from the beginning to now. Who influences you ~ art-wise and quilty-wise? Who would like to be when you grow up. What the best part of being a grandmother?


  5. How do you keep a fresh vision?
    Why do you work with a partner?
    The stories behind quilts.
    How you choose colors?
    How you got started quilting
    Hardest part
    Favorite quilt of your own. Of other Quilter’s


  6. I remember yu telling a story about a piece of a quilt getting caught in or being chewed up by the shredder. Things like that help me to remember that we all have problems. I’d like to hear the story about how you got your husband to bind your quilts. Wish I could be there to hear the stories.


  7. How you and Linda got together, how you go about designing books, traveling adventures to and from classes, shows etc. what you’ve learned from students, how your family is involved with your business, some of the things you’re grateful for since you started the business. Just a few suggestions.


  8. I’d be interested in the early years and how you and Linda broke through to become nationally know.
    Wish I could be there!


  9. Becky, this is not about your question of today, but thought you would want to know that a quilt made from one of your patterns won viewers’ choice Best of Show today at the Georgetown Quilt and Stitchery Show in Georgetown, TX. The quilt was made by Debbie Pauley and was beautiful. She will surely be letting you know, so just be on the lookout – congratulations to both you and the quilter.


  10. All I know is that I’d love to be there to hear any topic you want to talk about !! and I’ll bet no one will complain if you go over your hour!


  11. Sharing stories about some of the challenges that you faced and dealt with in establishing your business would be interesting as well as challenges you have encountered in quilting and applique and how you resolved them. Know you have a good sense of humor and will make any topic interesting. Keep up the good work, Becky! Looks like you have lots of good suggestions.


  12. I am nearing the end of my first applique quilt. I have had such an enjoyable experience that I would love to attempt a pattern of yours. The middle example looks especially interesting!


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