Wednesday Giveaway

Kelly Bunyon won a pair of 6″ Tula Pink Scissors in this week’s Wednesday Giveaway. Congrats to Kelly! If you are not Kelly but would still love to own a pair of these lovely scissors, click here.


Click here to read more about these fine scissors and/or to buy them.

238 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I have so many scissors that my friends tease me about the quantity. I love these scissors. They look lovely and they probably are easy on the hands when cutting out multiples of anything. My hands get so sore. I have psoriatic arthritis, so my muscles also get very tired and sometimes I have a “plaque” of breakout in the web between fingers. These would be smooth and easy to use. Hope I win! Thanks, Becky!


  2. These are really cute scissors. My 11 yr old grand daughter is learning to sew and asking for her own special pair. These would be perfect.


  3. I love all the products that Piece of Cake offers. Becky really helps through books, products and classes (which I have taken) to help one become a better quilter and appliqué artist.


  4. Dear Becky, Trying to get back into my quilting life after couple of years delay , especially applique.. Love these pretty scissors. One could look at them and feel happy anytime they were seen. Im sure they do an excellent job as well.. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Have a good dau,!


  5. Just got back from a long trip ourselves. I didn’t plan for business while we drove along the plains but I did do my own project list for the rest of the year. Subject to the squirrels that run by of course! These are so pretty, thanks for opportunity!


  6. I just bought a new pair of sneakers with these same beautiful colors.
    Would love to have a pair of matching scissors.


  7. Ooooooo, soooo pretty! And the same colors as the mountain flowers. Coincidence? The phots from your trip were lovely- thank you for the virtual visit.


  8. Your pictures of your working vacation were stunning. I know it is flat out there, but the pictures were still surprising. Thank you for sharing them. How nice that something so functional can be so pretty. thank you for the giveaway.


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