Boys, on vacation…


I’m not sure why, but the guys were in front of my camera more often than anyone else. Elanor was with us, but was elusive as only a 14-year-old can be.

Chris put up with being photographed. Jack and Bear are happy to pose, and they want to see the pictures. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that both of them are used to a digital life. Jack has an old iPhone (wifi only) that he fills with photos and audio books.

RedRiver-Day 2-57

Chris, Lorna, Judy (Lorna’s mom), and Elanor went to Santa Fe one day and Steve and I kept the boys in Red River. We had an adventure riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain. It was the first time the boys had ridden a chair lift and I was happy that they were not scared by the distance to the ground.

The views were lovely…

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There was a grove of aspens at the top. They may need to be in a quilt…

Happy times!

Red River - Day 4-14

Red River - Day 4-10



9 thoughts on “Boys, on vacation…

  1. Think since males are given the message all their lives that they are okay the way they are, they are more comfortable posing for photos. Women have to make sure they look good!


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