Wednesday Giveaway


Carole Cameron is the winner of this pair of Karen Kay Buckley’s Small Perfect Scissors. They are a serrated scissor and are wonderful for small jobs. The grip is comfortable in hands of all sizes.

There appear to be a whole lot of you who really want a pair of these scissors! They are not terribly expensive and are a good value for the cost. Maybe you should treat yourself to a pair :-). Click here to find them on my site.

281 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Love to try these scissors, cause I sure can’t find any that work like these are supposed to! Thank you for so much wonderful information!


  2. I love your blog and I love Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors. They’ll be great for embroidery, and for snipping off unneeded corners from quilt block pieces without endangering the entire block. Love those serrated blades.


  3. I would love a pair of these. Just finished my Whimsical Garden quilt. These scissors would have been nice to have. Thanks!


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