Show and Tell

Marian Phelps sent me this photo of her newly finished Magical Unicorn. Her story about the quilt (below the photo) is great!

As soon as I received the pattern I went to work. This was completed in November and it was a joy to work on.
I live in Liberia, Africa and have a limited stash so had to make do with what I had except the grass. Since I didn’t want to piece it I ordered more from Craftsy and the waiting…..most things take 2 to 3 weeks to get us.
She (my unicorn) is loved and adored by everyone who meets her! I tell her admirers that she runs around at nite and makes sure you only have happy dreams.
Thank you for a fantastic and magical project.
I just love this idea… that the unicorn brings happy dreams :-). Thank you, Marian, for sharing! And, gotta say, you chose really good fabric for the grass!

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