Now that we’re home from the Grand Hotel…

Elanor spent the day catching up and shipping orders. Three big bags of packages will go to the post office first thing tomorrow morning.

There’s one order from class with no name or contact info for side-threading needles. If you think that’s you, please email me at


I spent part of my day going to doctors. This morning I saw my foot doctor. I have a toe that curls under its neighbor and it has begun to hurt. For now, I can wear a tiny little silicone sleeve on it. In late July, he’s going to do a ‘1-stitch’ procedure to fix it. I think that means he’s going to lop off the offending underside of that toe. If it works, the other foot will be having the same thing.

My mother told me that when I was a baby she did her best to straighten up those two toes, wrapping them to make them grow straight. It didn’t work but, Moms, they know so much.

I went to the dermatologist this afternoon. I have a line under my thumbnail that a physician/student suggested it would be good to have it looked at. My doctor looked at it and my other fingernails. Turns out, I have a similar thing going on under other nails, just not so pronounced.


After much deliberation we both decided that it was probably not melanoma, but that it was prudent to watch it. I’ll be going back in 3 months. He measured but didn’t have to do a biopsy today. That’s all good news. The bad news is that I need to forego polish for 3 months. Dang!

Donna, who takes very good care of my nails so that they always look good on camera, will make even unpolished nails work for me. I’m sure of that. However, the transition from one to the other might not be so lovely so it’s good that I’m not on the road teaching again until August.

FYI: If the line under my nail gets wider and irregular, that’s bad. If you have that, go to the doctor NOW!

Side note: I wore a dress in case he needed to look me all over. Turns out, he did. Nothing of note, thankfully.

And, lastly, I should show you this room at the Grand Hotel. I took the photo as we walked by and the door was open, between guests. All of the rooms are decorated differently and I didn’t see that many, but I really like this one!


The predominant colors at the Grand Hotel are green, red, and aqua. This guest room also has a touch of periwinkle which is very nice. Many, if not most, of the ceilings are pale aqua… just like my very own bedroom at home. Sweet!

So much pattern! Big prints! Strong colors! I don’t want to bring it to my house now but it is loads of fun to visit :-). You should definitely visit the Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island. It’s an amazing place.


12 thoughts on “Now that we’re home from the Grand Hotel…

  1. I had something similar to your nail problem, except my nails were pulling away from my fingers. I was doing gel polish, not gel nails or acrylic nails. It scared the vanity out of me and now I use nothing on my nails. I hate that they aren’t pretty anymore, but they are healthy. Good luck with yours!



  2. I hope your nails get better. I would miss my polish. I love the Grand Hotel! It’s such a beautiful place to stay and the service is special being old world and modern at the same time. I hope you got to have tea.


  3. Oh my goodness; these little zip pouches are perfect for applique thread, scissors and pins for a portable applique project!


  4. That room at the Grand Hotel was mine! It was lovely. As one of the fortunate ladies that got to take one of your classes at the Neele Art seminar, I must thank you again for the class and the new appreciation you gave me for hand appliqué. I learned so much from you there: thread, needles, washing fabric, tools, color, the list goes on and on. Enjoy Australia and safe journeys.


  5. Thanks for the health tip, I have a line under my thumb nail as well. Didn’t realize I should get it checked. Live reading your blog. Safe travels in Australia


    • My nail tech did a lot of checking and my lines are probably the result of me whacking my fingers… They are blood splinters (or something similar that I can’t remember). The thing you really have to watch for are uneven, growing things with maybe swelling and discoloration at the nail bed. That’s bad.

      I did, however, stop the gel polish today in favor of a more regular, nail strengthening polish that I don’t have to soak in acetone to remove. I’ll decide later if I want to stay this way or go back to the gel polish.



  6. becky, I haven’t been able to wear polish for years now. Once in a while I try but it makes my nails split and break off. Solution my nail tech polish them and they shine, this might be a solution for you. She doesn’t buff them just shines them. They are manicured and that is what counts in the long run… of luck trying something new. If your nails are just well manicured they will look fine on your videos. Judy


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