The Cathedral in Newcastle…

We visited Christ Church Cathedral this morning.


It’s a beautiful, old Anglican Cathedral that occupies a high point of the city of Newcastle and it was open this morning.


I was surprised to find a church filled with needlework! The banners are collage quilts!



As was the altar piece.


These quilts fit the space so very well. It’s impressive! But wait… there’s more!


There are needle pointed kneeling cushions in every pew! There may be repeating designs, but I didn’t see any.



These lovely fiber quilts and cushions, made by hand, make this space feel warmer, more comforting. I am impressed.

20 thoughts on “The Cathedral in Newcastle…

  1. That is jaw dropping beautiful. I bet you can’t wait to come home and whip something up after all that inspiration. Thank you for sharing with all of us!


  2. Gorgeous. I have never seen anything like this. It would be interesting to find out more about this needlework project.


  3. The cathedral is beautiful but the quilts and cushions are amazing. Thank you for sharing your pics on your trip. I enjoy each and every one.


  4. What beautiful art in such a peaceful location! Thanks for sharing. Now to catch up on your previous posts (I’m way behind with going through my inbox) and figure out where the heck Newcastle is so I can go see this with my very own eyes. Seems that forgetting things like geography comes along with aging, lol!


  5. Becky These pictures are amazing/have shared with everyone. Hard to comprehend the amount of time that went into all the pieces.

    I am loving all of your pics from your trip.Thank you for sharing it all!!

    Kathi Dineen Albuquerque,New Mexico

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  6. Thank you for sharing the lovely cathedral with all the lovely quilts and kneeling pillows. It is a very inviting place to worship and pray.


  7. As an Aussie, I love that you have the Kookaburra shown. when you hear a Kookaburra laugh and see a few of them together, it’s going to rain. If you see them on an electrical wire or on a fence, watching, there are snakes and lizards around – they found their dinner! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing such a gorgeous place of textile art.


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