Yes, I’m mellowing…

There’s a block in the secret project that has 16 points that meet in the center. I drew this block and knew it would be bulky. I also know that it is possible to make the points (mostly) match (there is that one that is way off)…


The problem is that even when the points match, the seam allowances on the back are still there…


It’s like a little mountain in the middle of the block. I could hammer the seams flat, but that’s not a great fix. You know what is a good fix? A circle appliqued over the center which allows me to cut away the bulk AND which is really cute on the block! Done!

In my younger, more hard-core days, I would have worked and worked to on these points. I feel much calmer now that I am willing to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies :-).

19 thoughts on “Yes, I’m mellowing…

  1. I’m with you! Sometimes done is good. I think we all try to do our best work and sometimes it’s not perfect but that’s OK.


  2. There is a block like that in the Dear Jane quilt. I figured out immediately after I got all of those points sewn together why Jane added that circle.


  3. What a mess! I love your solution and yes, I did make that Dear Jane block with the center circle and I am glad Jane did that, too.


  4. I think it’s hard enough to get 8 points to match nevermind twice that. Besides hiding bulky seams, the circle adds interest so keep it going!


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