Palau De la Musica Catalana

After our food tour, we went to the Palau De la Musica Catalana. It is a beautiful space where choirs sing. Not just any choirs… magnificent choirs. And not just classical music, but all kinds of amazing music.

I wish I knew more about music, but I don’t. We are here because it is a famous, wonderful space. I want to come back to hear choirs sing right here.

Side note: Since I’ve been in Spain, when I google something, it is in Spanish. I don’t want to link to a site you may not be able to read so, if you want to know more, google Palau De la Musica Catalana. You’ll be glad you did.

Palau De la Musica Catalana-1

Mosaics are everywhere. This space was designed by a contemporary of Gaudi, Lluís Domènech i Montaner,

There are muses that surround the stage, to inspire the musicians. Honestly, doesn’t that sound wonderful? To be surrounded by muses?

And then there is the stained glass, on the outside of the building…

But the best piece is inside, above the stage. It is not flat, but dips down in the center. The space if lit by lovely, colored light…

After this, we went to see the inside of the Sagrada Familia. That visit deserves its very own post!

15 thoughts on “Palau De la Musica Catalana

  1. Being married to a musician, we visited this gorgeous venue. We only wish we’d been able to hear live music. It was a highlight of our trip. So happy you were able to see this on your trip. It’s stunning!


  2. This is beautiful!I was going to ask you if you had gone to Sagrada Familia. We were there in 2006. I know a lot has changed since then. By the way, your last few posts came through in some kind of Asian alphabet…..Chinese?


    • I’ve heard from a few others about the weird posts I in Chinese. My son, Chris, is trying to sort it out. It’s probably from back in the day, when Typepad was my host. It may be fixed now… or not. Please do let me know if it is still happening.



  3. Following your trip is bringing me joy! So many things that I had forgotten or may not have seen. I look forward to seeing where you all go next! Thanks for taking the time to share when you are on vacation.


  4. So fun to “re-see” so many of these sights from when we were in Barcelona two years ago. The trip to Sagrada Familia was a highlight of the entire trip, so I’m looking forward to your notes on that. I’m not commenting on everything, but I’m reading it–thanks for taking us along. Have a great time!


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