What do you do on a food tour?

If you go on a good food tour, you do more than just eat. You learn about the local culture. In this case, we learned about how people shop for food at the markets in Barcelona. As I said in my last post, Pauline, our guide from Devour Tours, was wonderful and and I learned a lot!

We took the Boqueria Market tour. It is an old market that has been renovated over the years. I had to google it to help me remember dates, but the roots of the market go back to 1200. There are many markets in the city, and people tend to shop their local market where they get to know the stall owners, and meet and visit with their friends. I do so wish there was something like this at home… the grocery store is just not the same.

We started at the front with coffee…



We moved through the market, and outside it a bit, and then back in, eating and talking.




I learned a lot about jamon, very thinly sliced ham. We got to try some of the expensive ham, from pigs that live in the forest and eat acorns… I’d eat a bit of the every day if I could afford it. You really can taste the difference!



There is a lot of seafood here…



I like fish better when it isn’t looking at me :-).

I’ll share more from the rest of the day in a few hours. We are about to head out to Park Guell now!



10 thoughts on “What do you do on a food tour?

  1. So how do you pay for these groceries? At each stall or at one check-out place? If separately, that seems like a like of individual cc sales. Thanks!


  2. I’m going to agree with one of the other people who commented. Celia could get a part time job in planning vacations for all your fans!!


  3. This has been a nice trip down memory lane, have visited twice and it is my favourite European city. After our 1st visit I came home and made a quilt inspired by the Familia. Try not to miss the Palau De la Musica Catalana, it has the most incredible stained glass sun flower ceiling over the theatre. We went three times we loved it so much, wonderful mosaic pillars.


  4. Barcelona is my favorite city in Spain. Parc Guell a wonderful place to explore, and just “be”. The art everywhere you look in the city astounds me. I have cruised in/out/thru Barcelona several times. After the first visit, just a day stop, I decided I wanted more time in the city. Now, I always plan several days pre/post cruise in Barcelona!


  5. What a trip! And your photos are amazing! Celia is quite the tour planner and your blog is enticing me to visit Spain soon.


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