Wednesday Giveaway

Kathleen Connolly has won the Sewing Needle Guide! If you are not Kathleen, you might want to purchase a copy of this guide because there are a lot of needles out there and this handy guide walks you through them.

Truth be told, I sometimes use a needle for something other than its intended purpose—I’m currently hand quilting with #16 perle cotton using a #9 Bohin Crewel needle. It works very well! But I tried that needle because I could look at the various needles and see the similarity between crewel and between needles.


You can always find this and more at!

100 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. There are so many choices out there – this guide will really help AND get me actually sewing rather than deciding what to sew with! Thank you!


  2. Wonderful guide, it’s just great to be able to see the difference (and similarities) of all the needles at a glance! PPS wish I’d had this a couple of months ago to help me find the best needle for a hand quilting big stitch quilt I needed to do……


    • You know what? I’m doing some big stitch quilting now. I need to write a blog post but in short, I’m using #16 perle cotton and a #9 Bohin crewel needle. It’s working really well! Thicker #12 perle works in the same needle as well.



  3. Wow! You don’t know how much I need this. I have a box filled with packages if needles of all sorts, and I’m sure I could be using them more efficiently on my projects.


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