Wednesday Giveaway

Kathleen Connolly has won the Sewing Needle Guide! If you are not Kathleen, you might want to purchase a copy of this guide because there are a lot of needles out there and this handy guide walks you through them.

Truth be told, I sometimes use a needle for something other than its intended purpose—I’m currently hand quilting with #16 perle cotton using a #9 Bohin Crewel needle. It works very well! But I tried that needle because I could look at the various needles and see the similarity between crewel and between needles.


You can always find this and more at!

100 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I love having reference material handy, and I’ve never really learned which needles to use for different projects. This looks like it would be wonderful!


  2. I have all these special needles and don’t remember what project I purchased them for. Would love to have some guidance for this!!


  3. it would be wonderful to have the reference guide, I’ve loved hand piecing, hand work every since I started sewing years ago.


  4. I have long thought that a good review of the different types of needles was needed. Thanks for putting this together ! Something I’ll for sure use !


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