Wednesday Giveaway

This week’s lucky winner, Lo Ann, will receive one pack with 12 reusable leather thimble pads. If you aren’t Lo Ann and you want to try this dandy tool, click here.


You can always find this and more at!

83 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I 💕💕💕 Thimble Pads. I use them for hand piecing and hand appliqué. I have them with every project I’m working on.


  2. The are the only thimble products I have ever been able to use. I really love them and highly recommend them to everyone! Thanks for the give away.


  3. I’ve never gotten used to wearing a real thimble, but these Thimble Pads work great for all my hand stitching. Thanks for all you tips and info on the website!


  4. I love these thimbles! And for me they’re multi-functional, because they work well for my Fair Isle knitting too. Knitting needles can be pointy, and with this type of knitting I push one of the tips with my left middle finger. At some point I had the idea to try my little leather thimble pads and they work like a charm. One tool for two crafts – love it!


  5. The thimblepad product is excellent. I really like to use it as it helps my arthritic fingers, sometimes the thimble makes hand piecing and quilting more difficult. Thank you for the giveaway.


  6. I have been using the thimble pads for YEARS and love them!!!
    They are everywhere I could be appliquing!!!
    On the arm of the sofa, on the telephone,and the dashboard of the car– My husband never touches them– He knows that these save my fingers from the needle and I can sew SSSOO much longer–


  7. I think I’ve tried every thimble known to mankind and I just have never been able to use them without getting so frustrated that it was unpleasant doing what I love! These would be great and the callous I’ve built up on my finger could go away!


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