The Quilt is Finished!!!

Linda got all of the 48 wool blocks made by her stitch group friends put together, quilted, and bound! Read more from Linda below the quilt…


I machine quilted the blocks in the ditch and then echo quilted around each block. When quilting a wool project of this size, less is best.

It is sad to see the Appliqué Delights project end. We had so much fun making these blocks. I hope many of you will have fun doing the project with your group.

It was interesting putting the blocks on the wall and selecting which one went where. I spent days changing my mind and rearranging the blocks. If you do this with a group my advice is the fewer involved with positioning the blocks the better.

Happy Stitching,


If you are interested in making your own blocks just like these, click here to find a print-on-demand version of Applique Delights, or click here to find the eBook.

12 thoughts on “The Quilt is Finished!!!

  1. I hadn’t thought of doing it in wool, but you are inspiring me to do so. (God knows I have enough wool to do this!) I’m wondering what is the finished size? I suppose I could go find my pattern and figure it out. It’s really cute and I do like the extra embelishments I’ve seen on some of the blocks. Great idea and great fun!!


  2. Really neat. I have been doing some applique using wool flannel for the background and using felt for the pieces and doing lots of embroidery on the blocks. The background blocks are 18 inches square and am using patterns like the Baltimore style patterns. Lots of work but having fun doing it..


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