She likes me!

I just found out that Barbara Brackman chose me to be her Quilter of the Month! I am so very honored! And I’m hearing Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech in my head 🙂 (video below for those who are too young to remember).

Barbara Brackman

This is a screenshot of the beginning of Barbara’s post.

Click here to find Barbara’s post.

Barbara Brackman is someone I admire a great deal and her opinion really does matter to me. I am going to be wearing a great big grin over this for quite a long time! Thank you, Barbara!

16 thoughts on “She likes me!

  1. And you certainly deserve it! Congratulations. I,besides from your quilts, I like your tutorials. So clear and easy to understand. Thanks Becky, Birgitt


  2. I remember Sally Field and I thought, how could you doubt that you are loved. Well, Becky, the same goes for you. You’ve been a great quilter for a long time and BB should love you.


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