Wednesday Giveaway

This week’s lucky winner is Judy Renfrow! She will receive a set of white General’s Charcoal Pencils. I use these to mark medium to dark fabrics more than any other pencil. Try them, I think you will love them!


I’ll be back next Wednesday with another Giveaway. Happy stitching!

You can always find this and more at!

130 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I’m not sure what others use these for I’d have to use for hand quilting and quick touch ups after marking a design. Looking forward to other comments. Would like to try these to see if they wash out well and if the marks stay long enough till I’m finished hand quilting….something I do not do quickly.


  2. Have used these pencils after you recommended them and love them! They mark well and erase easily. Thanks for all your quilting ideas and creativity!


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