Wednesday Giveaway

To celebrate the end of this year’s holiday season, I am giving gave away one Welcome to the North Pole book to one lucky winner—Hendrika!

Now is the time to start making your very own North Pole quilt for next year. If you are not Hendrika, you can find the book here. Happy stitching!

161 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I am still finishing things for THIS year, but I agree that this quilt needs to be started NOW if I have a snowball’s chance of finishing it in time for next. Thanks for a chance to win and hope you are having wonderful holidays


  2. I am not good at making holiday related quilt items. Your book “Welcome to the North Pole” would get me started off in a wonderful way. Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year, Becky. Hope you can come back to the Edmond, OK Quilt Guild some day real soon.


  3. I would love the chance to own a copy of this book. So please pick me. Hope your Holiday season is great. I definitely will send you a picture of what I created. Many thanks!


  4. Oh my goodness what a wonderful Christmas project. I had such a stressful year this year, and the very first time in my whole life I did not get a single item made for Christmas this year. I have vowed to never let that happen again and fully intend to start New Years weekend on making things for next Christmas. That project would be a wonderful way to start.


  5. Love your new Light! The Christmas quilt is darling as are all of your patterns. If I started on it now it might be ready for next Christmas. Happy New Year to all.


  6. This book would be wonderful to own and add to my collection of Piece I Came books. I think it would be fun to start as one season ends to prepare for the next. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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