Rome, day 2…

My first adventure of the day was shared with two of Hunt’s students, Clint and Cole. We walked to the American embassy, a block from our hotel.

I have never to one of our embassies when I’ve been out of the US. I thought it might be interesting to go inside for a quick visit.

The Italian guards outside were perplexed, but nice, as they said we could not go in. Only employees and probably those with appointments could go in. I’m sure there are many, many reasons why drop-ins are not welcome, plus today was Sunday. That said, I hope it’s easier for an American citizen to get in if help was really needed.

Next Hunt, Karen, and I went to the Colosseum. Imagine a football stadium that seats 80,000 people and you get an idea of the scale involved. It’s a well-maintained ruin. `

Notice the people in the photos and it puts the scale in perspective.

There’s a lot to be said for visiting Rome at this time of year. The crowds are much smaller and it’s not hot.

Hunt, a historian, shared the backstory of many of the places we went. I wish I remembered more but the biggest takeaway for me is that as the city evolved, new structures were built on top of older structures. Dig down, and there’s likely something built by man below.

The Romans knew how to move and manage the flow of water which was a key part of their empire building. They built sewers, aqueducts, baths, and lots of fountains!

We ended the day at the Spanish Steps. It was more crowded today, which made the people watching more interesting. Looking up the steps…

Looking down at the crowd coming our way…

Tomorrow Karen and I head to Florence on the train. Hunt and his class are flying to Tunis. Adventure awaits!

(That’s me, below, tempting fate by standing on a travertine post to get higher for the photo.)

I’m really not sure how Karen got me in a photo with no one else around because there really were a lot of people there.

7 thoughts on “Rome, day 2…

  1. Thank you for taking us on a tour of Rome. I agree with you about the Vatican. Too much, but the Sistine Chapel is beautiful. The Spanish Steps are one of my favorite places in Rome. They have a fabulous shop for leather gloves. I buy all my red leather gloves there. I always say every girl needs at least pair of red leather gloves. Have a wonderful time on your next leg of your journey. Say hi to Karen she’s lovely.


  2. So interesting – thanks again for taking such great pictures. Now I feel like I’ve been to Rome I hope you keep sharing the rest of your journeyi!


  3. The reason you can’t get into American Embassies anymore is because of 9/11. When I first visited Paris in the 60’s, we ran in and out of the American Embassy there. They had a great bookstore with lots of travel guidebooks and novels and a wonderful restaurant where we got hamburgers. When I last visited Paris in 2014, the place was a fortress with no access for any of us regular people.
    Thanks for sharing your photos…marvelous!


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