We rode the train from Rome to Florence. The hardest part was figuring out how to read the kiosk so that we went to the correct train. It was simple once we did sort it out. It’s nice that Karen is a good and willing subject in so many of my photos :-).

I did sew on the train. My Block 1 of the Hand Sewing Adventure is nearly done!

Our hotel, Hotel Centrale, is near the Duomo, which is in the city center.

After a bit of unpacking we headed out. It didn’t take long for us to be happily surprised by the view.

I did a search for gluten free food in Florence and there is a lot of it. Honestly, it may be easier to find good GF here than it is in the US. The pizza for lunch was great (as with the Florentine steak for dinner).

After lunch we followed Rick Steves’ walking tour of the city. We decided to go ahead and climb the Campanile, which is next to and sort of part of the Duomo complex.

The view was spectacular!

Florence is a very walkable city and it is lovely. We strolled to the Piazza Della Repubblica. The arch was triumphal, the carousel was pretty…

.,, port a potty was in the way of my very fine photo.

We went into the Orsanmichele (a church with many famous statues). I climbed more steps for more views of the city.

I may not love the stairs but I do love looking at a city from high up.

The Uffizi Gallery was closed today so we headed to the Galileo science museum. It was interesting, and hard to take good photos of

Then we walked to the river…

Here we are doing the Charlie’s Angels pose 🙂

We headed back to the hotel as the sun was going down and golden light bathed the dome. Not bad for a first half-day!

15 thoughts on “Florence!

  1. Beautiful.. you are lucky to get to travel all over the world. My grandma was from Florence Italy and came to the US when she was 25 years old.


  2. I love Italy and enjoyed the pictures. I was there 2 years ago with my church, St. Leo’ Catholic Church in Inwood, West Virginia. I recognized some of the pictures and some were new to me. Thank you for sharing. I love your website and love to hand Applique and use your books for my work.


  3. Those are fantastic photos and make me want to visit Florence. Your friend is a very pretty woman! Continue to enjoy and share the photos!!


  4. I’m interested in the Hand Sewing Adventure. Are you prepping for something new to share with us or is this already an on going project? I went to the Blog but only found what appears to be notions used for this project. More info available?


  5. Loved the pictures they are incredible however not even to compare to being there. Can’t travel any more so do it, do it while you can


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