Show and tell…

My friend, Susan Allen, is moving and cleaning out closets. She found this quilt and sent me the picture and the story. I love blasts from the past! Thank you, Susan, for sharing…

Audrey was in 1st grade (she turned 24 yesterday) and I would take her to school and then go home and appliqué for about an hour before going to work. That’s what I was doing when the planes hit the towers. This project kept my hands busy during that uncertain time.

It’s not quilted and it no longer fits my decor style, but I will probably keep it forever because of the history.

I thought I was being so avant garde using a black background! 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

The quilt is our Block of the Month, Tulips in the Park. The digital patterns are still available. Click here to find them.

8 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Susan, I was working on a Hawaiian quilt when watching the planes 9/11 and I was not able to work on it for three years afterwards. Yes, there are memories, but not necessarily good ones. Your top is beautiful. I hope that you are able to finish it someday and, if you don’t someone else will finish it and love it. You can always add another border to enlarge it if it isn’t big enough.


  2. No question that keeping hands and mind busy in times of stress helps enormously. Beautiful workmanship and a real treasure!


  3. The quilt is beautiful. The history makes it doubly special. It is a treasure and has memories to go along with it.


  4. My guild was visiting a sister guild that day , I could not make the trip, was watching news and saw the first plane hit tower. Something I will never forget. Your quilt top is beautiful.


  5. Susan, this is a beautiful quilt and shows good workmanship. The black background really makes the flowers pop!
    If and when you decide to pass the top on or finish it, please include your personal history about it. Our quilts are really a part of history and future generations should know how quiltmaking is good therapy at times.


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