Show and tell…

Barb Glaeser sent this picture of her recently finished Tree of Life quilt.

Here is the story behind the quilt:

I loved the project and it traveled many places with me over the years. I did make a few design additions. I added a butterfly because my right side wound up curving out too far and leaving a void, when I washed it after doing the quilting one of the red wool flower centers bled, so we had to have bullion bumble bees! Since it is the tree of life I thought this was appropriate!
My daughter decided she like the tree of life quilt but wanted it smaller to hang in a certain place in her home (which she no longer lives in!!). I decided to make it the size of the pattern in the book (i.e. not enlarge at all). This was a 5 year 10 month on/off project (I know because I started when my grandson was born and finished last month and he turned 6 yesterday!).
It finished at 36 x 36.

I love the way Barb made this quilt her own. Well done and thank you for sharing!

4 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Beautiful quilt and I may have to ‘copy’ some of her techniques to make it work on one of my appliqué projects. Miss hearing about all your quilting activities Becky!


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