Show and tell…

Sharon Rutledge sent me this photo of her quilt and her story about it.

This quilt is from one of my favorite Piece O’ Cake books. I see various quilts from the past shown on your sight and it dawned on me that I have one too. Duh! It’s not the fanciest one but it’s my personal favorite.  I had fun making this quilt and quilting it myself. Quilting is not my biggest talent. I was able to handle this one. I’m now working on Leaves and Strings  which is similar.

Sharon, I think you have plenty of quilting talent! Your quilt is lovely and I thank you for sharing it with us.

This quilt, Gathering Leaves, is in our ebook, Once Upon A Season.

12 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Thanks to Sharon and you for sharing this pretty quilt. The quilting is nothing to be ashamed of, it is really very good!


  2. I think it’s beautiful. This is in a POC book? Which one cause I have them all. It’s really pretty and something I’d love to do!


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