Wednesday Giveaway

Congrats to pmbremer who has won this cute foldable desktop organizer by Everything Mary! Be sure to come back next week for another giveaway!

Go to to find more fun stuff!

148 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. It was great your posted the previous patterns and names. I fell in love with the last one as I hadn’t seen it. Love your blog!


  2. Everything Mary makes very nice products – and this would be a perfect match to my sewing machine carrier. I’m already strategizing about what I could store in this organizer . . . . Thanks for your fun giveaways!


  3. What a beautiful cat! It makes me miss my little orange cat so much. All of our cats have found us and we are waiting for the next one to come into our lives. Loved your story.


  4. Great idea of reviewing the patterns in your books. I found Pick Up Sticks interesting and see that book on my wish list.


  5. Nine months after Hurricane Michael took our home and living in a 750 sq. ft workshop, I am still looking for ways to organize my crafting supplies. It can be hard to find things so I really could use this fold up box!


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