Show and telll… Bullseye!

Louann Young sent me these pictures of her finished quilt. Here’s what she said:

I finally got it hung on our bedroom wall today. I wish I could take credit for the gorgeous machine quilting, but that was done by Debbie Ator of Dumont, Colorado. I enjoyed making this quilt so much and found your pattern extremely easy to follow. I know I will do another one day.

I love the color combination! Well done Louann, and Debbie!

14 thoughts on “Show and telll… Bullseye!

  1. Louann is a good friend of mine and I can tell you that her work is always beautifully done! I call her “The Finisher” because (unlike me) when she starts a project, she finishes it. Congratulations Louann, on another amazing quilt!


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