Wednesday Giveaway

Pamella is this week’s lucky winner and she will receive 4 special Blackwing pencils from my personal stash. I write with Blackwing pencils more than with anything else. I like the way they feel in my hand and I like being able to erase as needed. You can’t do that with ink! All 4 pencils have graphite that is firm enough to use on fabric.

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133 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Pens, pencils, and papers – the next best thing to fabric. I have read about these pencils, but have never tried them. Would love to be lucky enough to win. The soap sounds like a nice change from the foamy stuff I have been using. A little treat from the norm in this time of hibernating. Thanks and stay well.


    • If I don’t win these I’ll buy them from your website! I live in Canada and the cost will rise for the product and S&H. But I’ve always heard how wonderful they are and I’d like to have them and use them.


  2. I would love to win the pencils. I have been wanting to try them but I haven’t been able to find one or two to buy versus a box in case they don’t work well for me.


  3. I bought a box of the black redwing pencils that you recommended and gave them as Christmas gifts to the artists in my family. I would love to be able to try the other ones. Thanks for the opportunity to win these.


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